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What is welfare? 

Welfare is a range of economic benefits provided by governments to certain individuals or groups based on specific criteria. These benefits, such as food stamps, health care assistance, and unemployment compensation, are usually funded by taxation. The purpose is to offer support to those unable to support themselves or those facing financial hardships. The amount and frequency of these benefits depend on factors like family size and income levels. 

How does welfare work? 

The welfare benefits vary from state to state, depending on the financial situation of the resident and the state's minimum standards. Factors like family size, disability status, and income levels affect the amount of benefit received. The cost of living across the country also influences the benefits, providing flexibility in adjusting the benefits according to local conditions. 

Welfare in India 

The social sector in India, supported by public funds or charitable donations, focuses on providing social and economic benefits to people and communities. It includes areas like health, education, water supply, transport, and more. The focus on the social sector is due to the high level of deprivation, the higher usage of government services by poor households, and the aim to achieve outcomes in social sectors like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).