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Visa Card

Visa Card Overview 

Visa cards operate on the Visa network and display the Visa logo. They can be credit, debit, prepaid, or gift cards, issued by financial institutions in partnership with Visa, not Visa itself. 

Understanding Visa Card 

Visa is a global payment processing giant accepted in over 200 countries. Other network owners include RuPay, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

Financial institutions may opt for Visa as their sole payment card provider. The issuing institution defines the card conditions and targets customers. Visa cards are thus available to individual and business clients via several financial institution partnerships. 

Service contracts involve transaction and network service fees. Visa also collaborates with merchants under various service agreements where merchants pay a small fee per transaction to Visa for their network processing services. 

Visa cards utilize the Visa payment network for transaction processing. Partnering with Visa allows electronic payments that are debited or credited to a cardholder's account. Purchases are made with merchants accepting Visa cards. Each card has a unique 16-digit number, a microchip for fraud protection, a magnetic stripe, and a signature panel at the back.