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Tax Advisor

What is a tax advisor? 

A tax advisor is a professional with expertise in tax accounting and tax law. They help reduce tax payable in complex financial situations. Tax advisors can be tax attorneys, CPAs, licenced agents, and some financial advisors. 

Role of a tax advisor? 

Tax advisors assist entities with complex financial conditions, such as individuals, businesses, or trusts, to lower their taxes payable. The services offered by a tax advisor vary depending on the taxpayer's situation. 

Benefits of tax preparation services: 

  1. They allow more time for business strategy development.
  2. They provide risk-free services.
  3. They help understand the evolving tax system.
  4. They ensure accuracy in tax calculations.
  5. They offer support during audits.
  6. They provide expert assistance.
  7. They facilitate straightforward tax filing.
  8. They help in identifying tax deductions.
  9. They manage documentation systematically.
  10. They minimize computational mistakes.
  11. They protect from negative effects.