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Quasi Contract

Quasi Contract Explained

A quasi-contract, also known as a contract implied in law, is a court-imposed legal remedy for situations where one party unjustly benefits at the expense of another, despite the lack of a formal contract. It's a judicial decision to prevent unfair gains. 

Such legal duty can occur when goods or services are received but not requested, implying that the receiver should compensate the provider. 

Further Details on Quasi Contract

Quasi-contracts are established when a party gains something without an actual contract, causing a loss to the other party. It's also termed as a constructive contract, aimed at preventing unjust enrichment and promoting fairness. 

If one party holds another's property without prior consent, possibly due to a mistake or unintentional legal relationship creation, a quasi-contract arises. The court then mandates the holder to pay the original owner. 

A quasi-contract doesn't require parties' consent. The court determines the compensation based on the "as much as he deserves" principle, aligning it with the property or benefit's value received by the holder.