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Petition - Definition & Advantages of Petition | What is Petition?

Want to initiate change in your community? Petitions can be an effective tool. They allow you to formally request change from an authority, potentially raising awareness or demanding action. 

Understanding Petitions 

A petition is a formal request to an authority for action on a specific issue. It can pressurize governments or businesses to address a concern. Petitions can capture attention for a cause and mobilize public opinion. 

The Power of Petitions 

Petitions can sway decisions or actions of authority figures. They raise awareness, highlight injustices, and exert pressure on entities to act. They're simple, low-cost ways to amplify your voice, attract attention, and mobilize support. 

After Completing Your Petition 

Once you've got all the signatures, you can present your petition to the decision-makers, in person or via mail. A cover letter should accompany your petition, explaining its purpose and the actions you expect. 


Petitions, often backed by numerous signatures, raise awareness and influence decision-makers. They're a cost-effective way to make your voice heard and garner support for a cause. If you want to drive change, consider petitions.