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Muhurat Trading

Understanding Muhurat Trading

Muhurat trading, a special trading event on Diwali, is a traditional Indian practice considered to usher in financial prosperity. The term "muhurat" means an auspicious time selected for specific activities. This trading session is festive and allows for buying and selling of shares. 

Muhurat Trading on NSE

Muhurat trading, symbolizing the start of a new financial year, is believed to bring good fortune. It allows investors to engage in quick trades for profit. The trading session, different from regular hours, usually lasts for an hour in the evening. Exact timings, which may vary annually, are announced beforehand. 

Muhurat Trading 2023

The date and time for Muhurat Trading 2023 will be declared closer to Diwali 2023. During this session, investors can trade shares for one hour in a festive environment. Good luck and prosperity are expected from investments made during this time. However, due to its special nature and limited hours, market liquidity might be less than regular trading hours, necessitating careful market and investment analysis.