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Understanding ITR-V

The term ITR-V, which stands for 'Income Tax Return - Verification', is used to denote a document verifying the legitimacy of an electronically filed Income Tax Return, particularly when it is not supported by a digital signature, an Aadhaar OTP, or an EVC mode. 

Once an income tax return has been filed, a one-page verification acknowledgment is generated. This document must be signed before being sent to the Income Tax Office located in Bengaluru. Alternatively, taxpayers have the option to use the electronic verification facility. 

Upon successful submission, an acknowledgment email is sent to the address registered with the e-filing portal. 

Procuring the ITR-V Form

The procedure for obtaining the ITR-V form involves the following steps: 

  • Start by logging into the e-filing portal.

  • Next, navigate to the e-file section.

  • Review the Income Tax Returns.

  • Select the option titled 'view filed Returns'.

  • Download the ITR verification form relevant to the specific Assessment Year.

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Crucial Note: The ITR-V form should be sent in a sealed A-4 envelope to the Bengaluru office. It is vital to ensure that the form's barcode is not folded, as non-compliance may result in the non-receipt of the ITR acknowledgment.