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Iffco Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is a cooperative society involved in producing and marketing fertilizers. 

As India's agriculture accounts for nearly 14.65% of its GDP, IFFCO plays a key role in this sector's growth by providing fertilizers to farmers nationwide. 

IFFCO's mission

IFFCO aims to improve lives through: 

  1. Delivering quality fertilizers to farmers nationwide efficiently.
  2. Producing fertilizers sustainably to conserve resources and energy.
  3. Using innovative, economical, and eco-friendly technology.


  • Production and distribution of fertilizers across India.
  • Marketing of agriculture inputs such as seeds, pesticides, and micro-nutrients.
  • Investing in agriculture research and development.
  • Initiating rural development programs like education, healthcare, and skill development.


  • Strong distribution network with over 36,000 cooperative societies and more than 50,000 retail outlets.
  • Cost-effective production of fertilizers.
  • Commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Transparent and efficient governance structure.


  • High dependence on the fertilizer business.
  • Limited operations primarily to India.
  • Limited product portfolio to fertilizers and agriculture inputs.
  • Stiff competition from other market players in the fertilizer and agriculture input industry.