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Front Office

Understanding Front Office

The front office is the customer-facing division of a company, including sales, service, and marketing. It involves industry experts, customer service representatives and salespersons. 

It is responsible for most of a firm's revenue generation. 

Front Office Details

Front office staff interact directly with clients and work closely with the back office. They handle accounts, records, and regulatory compliance, with the back office ensuring data management and deal settlements. 

They need to communicate effectively among themselves and with other departments. Their role also includes administrative tasks, such as mail sorting and meeting arrangements, to ensure smooth office operations. 

Comparing Front, Middle, and Back Office

Firms can typically be divided into three parts: front, middle, and back office. The front office deals with sales and client service, the middle office with risk management and corporate strategy, and the back office provides support services. 

The middle office ensures the company's financial soundness and regulatory compliance, while the back office includes administrative, human resources, and accounting staff, along with IT and technology departments.