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Economically Weaker Section Ews - What is Economically Weaker Section Ews?

Those earning less than Rs 8 lakh a year and not belonging to ST, SC, or OBC castes are considered Economically Weaker Section (EWS) in India. A 10% reservation for this group was instituted by the Central Government, applicable to jobs and educational institutions. 

EWS Certificate Eligibility

EWS certificate is for those seeking a government job or educational admission in the general category. The eligibility criteria are: 

  • Being in the general category and not SC/ST/OBC or MBC

  • A total annual family income under Rs. 8 lakh

  • Ownership of less than 5 acres of agricultural land

  • Ownership of a flat smaller than 1000 square feet

  • No ownership of a residential plot over 100 square yards in notified municipalities or 200 square yards elsewhere.

The term 'family' includes the applicant, their parents, siblings under 18, and spouse and children under 18. 

All family land and property must be combined to assess eligibility. 

EWS Quota Benefits

  1. Provides opportunities for poor people to gain higher education and government jobs.

  2. Helps alleviate poverty.

  3. Grants constitutional status to the lower caste poor.

  4. Can be used to avail 10% reservation in education and government jobs throughout India.

Key Features of EWS

  1. Adds 10% reservation for EWS to the existing 50% quota for SC, ST, and OBCs.

  2. Allows for 10% reservation in education institutions and private institutions.

  3. Provides reservations in state-funded services positions.

  4. Helps reduce the stigma attached to reservations as it is based on both caste and class.