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Accounting - Definition & Advantages of Accounting | What is Accounting?

Accounting is the financial backbone of any business. It records all monetary transactions, summarises and analyses the financial information, and reports it to relevant authorities. It helps in strategic planning, compliance, fundraising, and operations management. 

What is accounting? 

Accounting is essential for business decision-making, budgeting, and performance measurement. It provides insights from different accounting streams, which helps in making informed decisions. It's the base for tracking revenue and expenses, ensuring legal compliance, and providing financial data for decision-making. 

Benefits of accounting 

  1. Financial Management: It offers a clear view of a company's financial position for smarter decisions and risk management.

  2. Compliance: Helps corporations meet legal and regulatory requirements, including tax laws.

  3. Investor Confidence: Transparent financial reporting can attract investors.

  4. Cost Control: Helps identify inefficiencies and control costs, increasing profitability.

  5. Performance Evaluation: Serves as a metric to evaluate a corporation's performance.

  6. Improved Decision-Making: Provides crucial financial information for better decision-making.

Drawbacks of accounting 

  1. Limited Transparency: May not always give a complete financial picture.

  2. Accuracy: If records aren't well maintained, inaccuracies can occur in financial statements.

  3. Complexity: Accounting can be complex and challenging for large corporations.

  4. Cost: Proper accounting can be expensive, especially for smaller corporations.

  5. Regulations: Compliance failure can result in legal penalties and reputation damage.

Types of accounting 

  1. Financial Accounting

  2. Managerial Accounting

  3. Tax Accounting

  4. Cost Accounting

  5. Credit Accounting

  6. Forensic Accounting

  7. Public Accounting

  8. Governmental Accounting

Goal of accounting 

The goal of accounting is to maintain transaction records and other financial data systematically. It supports management in decision-making and helps determine an organisation's financial standing. It also helps in monitoring and recording financial transactions, ensuring profitability.