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U.S. Vacancy and Homeownership Rate Sees Slight Growth in Q4 2024

U.S. Vacancy and Homeownership Rate Sees Slight Growth in Q4 2024 — RISMedia


Towards the end of 2021, vacancy for residential and home ownership witnessed little growth during the final months. The growth news was reported by the U.S. Census Bureau. The dissemination of Information on the 3rd day of January was that rates of homeownership was at 65.5% in the first four months of 2021 above the third quarter of the previous year which was below Q4 which had 65.8%


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While vacancy rates for rental housing across the nation was at 5.6%, homeowner housing was at 0.9% in the last three months of 2021 below 0.9% and 0.1% as each year goes by. 


Key takeaways—Q4 2024

·       The United States has an average estimation of 89.5% of her housing units being inhabited.

·       Midwest has highest percentage of homeownership rates of 70.1%.

·       The vacant for-sale units was $1,207 by average enquiry.

·       $239,000 was the average demanding sales price for vacant for-sale units.

·       Northeast and West had the lowest rental vacancy rates of 4.3% and 4.0% respectively.

·       The West had the lowest homeowner vacancy rates with percentage of 0.7%.


Expert Analysis

83.5 million House occupants boosted the rate of homeownership in 2021’s fourth quarter little above the third quarter which is 0.3% points below the same quarter of the year 2020 as wake of the pandemic keep helping the markets for housing and the economy.


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Age is the predominant factor for the rate of homeownership. While those in-between the ages of 0-35 years have the lowest rate comprising of 38.3%, the highest rate of homeownership goes to the oldest age group from 65 years above. The latter occupy about 79.4%.  


The rates of homeownership increases as same as young households age with those in-between 35 to 44 years elevating to 61.4% in Q4 2021 slightly down the U.S average. The oldest millennials will become 41 this year and about 45 million millennials are at early first time ages of home buying which in turn leads to the demographic group that is the pivotal reason for competition in marketing conditions of housing. In the past one year and the third three months, the rates of homeownership were balanced or increased for those between 35 and 54. However, the rate of homeownership reduced for households that were younger and older.    


In conjunction with age, we notice consistent togetherness between the rates of homeownerships for varieties of ethnic and racial groups. The Black households had decreased during the tracking made for homeownership rates in the previous year and the third quarter making it the lowest among the racial and ethnic groups. Those of Hispanic households had changes that were insignificant in their statistics.


However, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and Asian households had profits in the rates of homeownership during the past one year and the third quarter. The vacuum in the rate of homeownership is one visible reality of the problems many Americans encounter in gaining pathway to services related to housing and its synonymous entities.      


In spite of modern novel construction profits, the supply in housing continues as shown in low statement of the rates of vacancy in the fourth quarter in rented and owned homes. The rate for rental vacancy was at 38- year below the vacancy rate of homeowner which was stagnant at the lowest point in the history of 66 year’s Data. Q4 Census data displayed an increasing costs in housing at all board that is persistent with demanding cost trends for for-sale homes and rentals that is shown in® real estate data which is related to insufficiency in homes owned and rented.


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