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The Complete Guide to Online PAN Card Verification: Everything You Need to Know

PAN Verification provides the facility for people to check the authenticity of their PAN. PAN card verification can be easily done online sitting at home; you do not need to visit the Income Tax office. Government and non-government sites verify the details, documents submitted and addresses of PAN applicants. The Income Tax Department has permitted Proteus eGov Technologies Limited (Proteus) to enable eligible entities to conduct online verification of PAN.


Ways of Verify Your PAN Card Online

The e-governance portal offers online PAN card verification services. You can verify your PAN card through any of the three ways.

  • File and Screen-based
  • Screen Based
  • Software Based


1. File and Screen-based Verification


This type of verification is mainly conducted by agencies or governments and they want to verify more than 1000 PAN cards at a time.


  • Under this, the user will have to log in to his account.
  • User can then upload a file containing a maximum of 1000 PAN cards (file structure is provided by Proteus)
  • After uploading, click on submit.
  • Possibly within 24 hours, your card details will appear on your screen.
  • The uploaded file structure must be correct as per the mentioned format otherwise the website will reject the request.


2. Screen-Based Verification


  • Every user who wants to verify his/her PAN card must log in first.
  • The number of PAN card information that can be provided through this is limited to only five screens. Add numbers to the screen.
  • Once you click on submit, you will be able to see the PAN details on your screen.


3. Software (API) -Based Verification

  • PAN can be verified online by a verification site through a software application.


Do Online PAN Verification in Easy Steps


  • PAN verification via PAN CARD
  • PAN verification by AADHAAR number


Step 1:-




Click yes


Step 2: Click on the ‘PAN Verification’ in the left-hand side navigation bar



Step 3: Filled out your PAN, Full name, date of birth and registered mobile number



Step 4: After filling in the PAN Card details, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, Please enter the OTP and validate the PAN card


Submit the form and see your current PAN status. If PAN is active and information already exists in the database, a similar screen to this will pop up.


When you see a message like the one above, you should know that your PAN is active and that your details are up-to-date in the Department of Income Tax’s database.


PAN verification responses to users

Possible outcomes of PAN verification:


  • Validity of the PAN card and no events like acquisition, merger, etc. will show the PAN status, the last date of updating PAN, the printed name on the PAN card and the name of the holder.


  • If the PAN is valid and there is an event like acquisition, merger, etc., you will also be able to see its holder’s name; PAN status with that event; the name printed on it and the last date when it was updated.


  • In case of a fake PAN; you will only get a message reading ‘Fake’ without any other detail.


  • Where a deactivated or deleted PAN exists, there is only a message that reads ‘Deactivated’ or ‘Deleted’ without any additional information.


  • The absence of this particular PAN in the Income Tax Department database results to a statement reading “Not present in ITD database.”


PAN verification by Aadhaar Card

  • Visit the income tax e-filing website.
  • In this regard, the ‘Link Aaadhaar’ option is seen under ‘Quick Links’.
  • You will be taken to the PAN online verification page.


  • Put PAN and Aadhaar number details in the ‘Link Aadhaar Status’ text box.



  • The page will tell you if your PAN Card has been successfully linked with your Aadhaar number when you click on ‘‘View Link Aadhaar Status’’.


What are the details which will be displayed when the PAN card is verified?


PAN card verification

Details displayed in PAN Verification

Valid PAN

PAN Status, PAN Card Holder’s Name, PAN Update Date, Name on PAN Card, Aadhaar Seeding Status

Valid PAN with events such as a merger, acquisition, etc.

Name printed on PAN card, PAN status with occurrence

PAN cardholder name, last date to update PAN*

Deleted or Deactivated

‘Deleted’ or ‘Marked as Deactivated’ will be displayed

Fake PAN

The status will be displayed as ‘Marked as Fake’.

PAN card not found in database

A message, ‘Not present in the ITD (income tax department) database’ will display

Inoperative PAN

  • PAN status
  • Name of the PAN holder
  • Last date of PAN update
  • Name printed on PAN card


What are the documents required to register for the Online PAN verification?


The list of documents to register for the Online PAN verification:-


Information required for organization details:-


  • Name of the organization
  • PAN and TAN of the organization
  • Contact details of the organization
  • Personal details of the organization
  • Category of the organization


Digital Signature Certificate Details required:-


  • Name of the certifying authority
  • Class of digital signature certificate
  • Serial number of digital signature certification
  • Validity Period of DSC


Payment Details required are:-


  • Mode of payment
  • Payment amount
  • Number of instruments
  • Issuing Bank & Branch Name
  • Date of payment Instrument


What are the charges to avail of the Online PAN Verification facility?


Minimum payable charges

Screen Based

File and Screen Based

Software (API) Based

Annual Registration Charges (₹)




Goods and Services Tax (GST) @18% (₹)




Total Registration/Annual Charges(₹)




Initial Advance (₹) (Inclusive of GST as applicable)


As desired

As desired

Free PAN card verification per day (Subject to change based on the cumulative number of PANs verified in F.Y.)

Upto 750 only


Screen Based

File Based




Charges above free PANs verification (₹)


Above 750 charges will apply as per Table No 1

Refer Table no. 2


Charges for File-based PAN verification


Table No 1

Count of PANs in the file

Charges (₹)




































Table No 2


Slabs (PANs verified during a financial year)

Rate (paisa)

Maximum Daily Free Limit

Upto 7.5 Lakhs



> 7.5 Lakhs <= 15 Lakhs



>15 Lakhs <= 30 Lakhs



above 30 Lakhs




What is the process of verification of PAN card in Bulk?

Bulk PAN verification involves checking thousands of PAN records against the Income Tax Department database. The introduction of Bulk PAN verification for external agencies like the state government departments, central government departments and other recognized autonomous bodies was an innovative way to save time that was taken to verify PAN cards for different needs. Entities willing to access the portal of Income Tax India E-Filing website for bulk PAN verification have to register by writing a requisition letter.


Step1: Register yourself as the agency of bulk verification by visiting at income tax Portal



Step 2: For step two, click on the Bulk PAN Query tab and then, you will click on up load query where we support the template for Bulk PAN Query in CSV format. There is an unlimited number of entries that you can make which can be completed by filling in this information: PAN Card Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth/Incorporation/Formation (DD-MMM-YYYY), Gender, and Name of Organization. If validation is successful, generate a JSON file.



Step 3: Upload your query according to the specified format indicated and go ahead to click on the submit button.



Step 4: Your uploading of the file is given an automatic token number. A success message will appear on the screen, showing the transaction ID and the token number. You should take note of both the transaction ID and token number for future reference. Additionally, you will be sent a confirmation mail on your e-Filing portal registered email ID.



Verification can be done through files, software or the screen under this. It is determined by the user’s preference. However, it is a paid service on an annual basis. Under this, registration costs Rs.12000/- plus GST.


How to register for bulk PAN verification as an authorized agency?

  1. 'Register Yourself' on the homepage of the Indian Government's Tax E-filing website.
  2. Click the 'Bulk PAN Verification User' button, to select a user.
  3. Provide the details of PAN/TAN card of the agency, password details, PAN of the person who will act as the organization's communication details, principal contact, and digital signature certificate. The user performing bulk PAN verification must provide an authorization letter signed by the agency's head.
  4. Click the 'Submit' button.
  5. PAN request will be evaluated, and approval will be granted upon receipt of all documents.
  6. As per the evaluation, an email with the activation link and User ID details will be sent to the registered email address.
  7. To complete the process, the user must now log in with a new User ID and the Password they registered.


How Can I Do Bulk PAN Verification Under the user-paying model?

Only endorsed government and not-for-profit organizations can use the User Pay Model for bulk PAN verification. The service is charged per annum. It is a software-based PAN verification process. The registration fee to use the facility for bulk verification is Rs.12000, inclusive of 18% GST. This facility may be renewed annually. Renewal fees are equal to initial registration fees.


User Paying Model gives some free PAN verifications to the agency. If verification requests exceed the limit, the user has to pay separately for the service provider’s account.The agency must have enough deposit in its User ID if it uses API-based or file and screen-based PAN verification service to verify the PAN numbers.


How to view previous Token Details?

Begin by finding out if you have permission to use this department’s facility. If yes, then follow the steps given here.


Step 1: To view the details and status of previous tokens generated, click Previous Token Details; On the screen, you can see a summary token status and query processed in bulk. You can see the status of queries that were handled or are still being handled.


At the bottom left, you can also filter your query. On the right-hand side, the download icon’s click allows you to download the file



The uploaded bulk PAN / TAN query will be verified with the details in the CBN database.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Online P​AN Verification

Step-1. Go to home page of 'e-Filing' Portal 

Step-2. Click on 'Verify Your PAN' from left hand panel.

Step-3. Enter the PAN, Full Name (As per PAN), Date of Birth and Mobile number and click on 'Continue'.

Step-4. Enter OTP and click on 'Validate' button.

There is an SMS that you will have to type and send which reads, “NSDLPAN” then follows a 15 digit acknowledgement number and it should be sent to “57575”. Very soon, you shall get an SMS for PAN Card Status.


If the names do not match on the Income Tax (I-T) Department and EPFO portal. So in this situation, you have to correct the wrong name before doing PAN verification on EPF portal.


 Select Challan No. 280, fill actual PAN and other important details as per your requirement. After filling all the details, click on Submit to Bank button and you will get the name of the PAN holder exactly as it appears in the Income Tax records.

For the fourth character, PAN Card is denoted to ascertain the holder’s status; where C for a Company, P for a Person, H for Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), F for a Firm, A for Association of Persons (AOP), T for Trust AOP , B for Body of Individuals (BOI), L for Local Authority, J for artificial juridical person and G for Government.

 Verification can be done only by certain agencies and organizations such as Central and State Government agencies, Reserve Bank of India, companies that are mandated to file Annual Information Returns (AIR), etc.


 To verify your PAN card details online in India, you should visit the official website of the Income Tax Department, select the option 'Verify PAN Details', fill the required details and submit Q. Can I track PAN card details by Aadhaar number? can do? Yes, this can also be done.

 It is necessary to ensure that the PAN details are correct and valid as per the regulatory standards. CBDT, being the taxation governing body of India, requires PAN details verification to avoid frauds and maintain ethics in financial transactions.


 This sort of verification is carried out mostly by organizations or the government who desire to authenticate at most 1,000 PAN Cards in one go. In this the user must first log into his account. Then upload the file and click submit. As a result, within 24 hours you shall be presented with PAN card information on your screen.

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