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ICAI removes names of 5535 members for non-payment of fees

In a recent move, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has taken action against members who have failed to fulfill their financial obligations to the organization. A notification issued by the ICAI states that the names of 5535 members have been removed from the membership list due to non-payment of fees. This action highlights the importance of adhering to membership requirements and maintaining financial accountability within professional organizations like the ICAI.

Importance of Membership and Financial Obligations

Membership in professional organizations such as the ICAI comes with certain responsibilities and obligations. One of these obligations is the prompt payment of membership fees. Failure to fulfill this financial obligation can result in the removal of a member's name from the membership list. This action is taken to ensure the integrity and financial stability of the organization.

ICAI's Notification

The ICAI's notification regarding the removal of members' names for non-payment of fees emphasizes the significance of adhering to membership requirements. The notification also serves as a reminder to all members to fulfill their financial obligations promptly. It is crucial for members to understand that maintaining an active status within the organization requires timely payment of fees.

Restoration of Names

In addition to the removal of names, the ICAI has also issued a notification stating that certain members' names have been retrospectively restored to the Register of members. This restoration indicates that these members have fulfilled their financial obligations and are now in good standing with the organization. The ICAI exercises its power to restore names based on the regulations set forth by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Compliance with Regulations

The removal and subsequent restoration of members' names by the ICAI highlight the importance of complying with the regulations set by the organization. The Chartered Accountants Regulations of 1988 outline the requirements and responsibilities that members must adhere to. By strictly enforcing these regulations, the ICAI ensures the professionalism and credibility of its members.

Financial Accountability in Professional Organizations

Financial accountability is a crucial aspect of any professional organization. Members' fees contribute to the smooth functioning and development of the organization. Prompt payment of fees allows the organization to provide valuable resources, support, and services to its members. It is the responsibility of each member to fulfill their financial obligations to ensure the continued success of the organization.

Consequences of Non-Payment

Non-payment of fees can have serious consequences for members. Apart from the removal of their names from the membership list, these individuals may lose access to various benefits and privileges offered by the organization. This includes access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and professional development programs. It is essential for members to understand the implications of non-payment and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Importance of Active Membership

Maintaining an active membership status within the ICAI is crucial for chartered accountants. Active members enjoy numerous benefits, including access to specialized training programs, professional recognition, and networking opportunities. It is through active participation and commitment to the organization's values and regulations that members can make the most of their membership.


The removal of 5535 members' names from the membership list by the ICAI for non-payment of fees serves as a reminder of the importance of financial accountability within professional organizations. Members must fulfill their financial obligations promptly to maintain an active status and avail themselves of the benefits and privileges offered by the organization. Compliance with regulations and adherence to membership requirements are essential for the continued success and credibility of the ICAI and its members.


Frequently Asked Questions

ICAI stands for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountancy in India and ensure high-quality standards in accounting and auditing practices.

ICAI removed the names of 5535 members for non-payment of fees. This action signifies the institute's commitment to upholding financial discipline among its members and maintaining the integrity of the profession.

Non-payment of fees to ICAI can result in the removal of the member's name from the institute's records, leading to loss of membership privileges, including the right to practice as a Chartered Accountant and access to professional resources and networks.

ICAI ensures compliance with fee payment by its members through regular communication, reminders, and notices regarding fee dues, as well as by enforcing penalties and disciplinary actions for non-compliance.

Members of ICAI are obligated to pay prescribed fees, including membership fees, annual subscription fees, and other charges, as per the institute's regulations and guidelines, to maintain their membership status.


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