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How to Check TAN Card Application Status

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Your TAN Card Application Status.


Income Tax Department has now added a search feature to its website to help detectors find their new TAN application status. To avoid any inconveniences when providing their e-TDS return, detectors are urged to check the TAN from this site before it is included in their e-TDS return file.

This new search feature allows detectors to easily check the status of their new TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) application on the Income Tax Department's official website. By doing so, they can ensure that their TAN is active and can be included in their e-TDS (electronic tax deducted at source) return file.

Detectors are strongly recommended to verify the TAN status on the website before including it in their e-TDS return file. This is to avoid any inconveniences or errors that may arise if an inactive or incorrect TAN is used in the return filing process.

By checking the TAN application status through the search feature provided on the Income Tax Department's website, detectors can ensure accurate processing of their e-TDS returns and compliance with tax regulations.

Steps to Check TAN Card Application Status:-

Option – I

Know Your TAN status through the application number


To check the status of TAN Application visit

tan card application status


Enter "acknowledgment number" of your TAN application and click on "Submit" button.

Option – II

Know status of TAN application on basis of transaction number


To check the status of TAN Application by transaction number visit

tan card application status


Enter "Transaction number" of your TAN Application After click on "Show Status" button. then show your TAN status


Know Your TAN

Perform the following steps to ‘Know Your TAN’ on e-Filing portal:

Step – 1

Login to ‘e-Filing’ Portal

Step – 2

Click on 'Know Your TAN' Section.

tan card application status


Step – 3

Choose the 'Category of Deductor' and 'State' from the dropdown and Enter the 'Name' or 'TAN' as applicable and enter the 'Mobile Number.

tan card application status

Step – 4

Click 'Continue' to receive the OTP in the entered mobile number

Step – 5

Enter the OTP and click on 'Validate' button t the Then  showing your TAN details.


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