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GST Full Form & GST Meaning In Various Languages

GST, or "Goods and Services Tax", is a comprehensive indirect tax implemented in India on 1st July 2017. It replaced previous indirect taxes like excise duty, service tax, VAT, etc. 

This destination-based tax is applied on goods and services supply, acting as a value-added tax collected at each production or distribution stage. GST simplifies the tax system, eliminating multiple taxes, and promotes business ease in India.

Taxes included in GST: 

  • Central Excise Duty
  • Service Tax
  • Additional Excise Duty
  • Additional Customs Duty (CVD)
  • Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Entry Tax
  • Purchase Tax
  • Octroi
  • Ad Taxes
  • Lottery, betting, gambling Taxes

What led to GST implementation in India? 

GST, the Goods and Services Tax, was brought in to replace the previous intricate tax system with a more streamlined one. 

Here are the major reasons for GST implementation in India: 

  • Elimination of cascading tax effects: Before GST, taxes were successively applied, making goods and services pricier. GST eliminates this issue, making items more affordable.
  • Streamlining the tax structure: GST simplifies the complicated tax structure from before, reducing the effort required for businesses to comply with tax laws.
  • Easier business operations: GST allows businesses to operate more easily across Indian states by standardizing tax laws, reducing their compliance load.
  • Stimulating economic growth: GST is projected to promote economic growth by improving tax compliance, reducing tax evasion, and formalizing the economy. It might also increase government tax revenue, supporting infrastructure and social welfare initiatives.

By amalgamating a large number of Central and State taxes into a single Tax, GST has emerged as the biggest taxation reform in the economy post-independence.

As an indirect tax, GST is included in the MRP of goods purchased or the fee of service paid by a person. GST is a comprehensive tax structure covering both goods and services, viz. Goods and Services Tax (GST). The simultaneous introduction of GST at both the Centre and State levels has integrated taxes on goods and services for the purpose of setting off and ensuring that the cascading effect of taxes is resorted to. Especially in cases of earlier tax regimes

  • CENVAT and service Tax


Know GST in your Language

S No


GST full form in Various Languages


GST full form in Hindi

वस्तु एवं सेवा कर


GST full form in Marathi

वस्तू आणि सेवा कर


GST full form in Gujarati

માલ અને સેવાઓ કર


GST full form in Punjabi

ਗੁਡਸ ਅਤੇ ਸਰਵਿਸਿਜ਼ ਟੈਕਸ


GST full form in Malayalam

വസ്തുക്കളും സേവന നികുതിയും


GST full form in Bengali

পণ্য সেবা কর


GST full form in Kannad

ಸರಕು ಮತ್ತು ಸೇವೆಗಳ ತೆರಿಗೆ


GST full form in Telegu

వస్తువులు మరియు సేవ పన్ను


GST full form in Tamil

பொருட்கள் மற்றும் சேவைகள் வரி


GST full form in Sindhi

سامان ۽ خدمت ٽيڪسtd>


GST full form in Urdu

سامان اور سروس ٹیکسtd>


GST full form in Nepali

सामान सेवा कर


GST full form in Arabic

ضريبة السلع والخدمات


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