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GST E-way bill limit state-wise for FY 2023-24

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  1. E-way Bill State-wise Limit

The E-way bill is a digital document that is created on the GST portal to provide evidence of the movement of goods. It consists of two parts: Part A, which includes essential information such as the recipient's GSTIN, the delivery location, the invoice date and number, the value of the goods, the HSN code, the transport document number, and the reason for transportation. Part B contains details of the transporter.

If the transportation is being done in one's own conveyance, the consignor or consignee themselves are responsible for generating the E-way bill. However, if the goods are being carried by a transporter on the road, it is the transporter's duty to generate the E-way bill. In cases where neither the consignor nor the consignee generate the E-way bill and the value of the goods exceeds the specified limit, it becomes the responsibility of the transporter to generate the E-way bill.


E-way Bill State-wise Limit

Sr. No. State E-way bill threshold limit
1 Andhra Pradesh Rs 50,000
2 Arunachal Pradesh Rs 50,000
3 Assam Rs 50,000
4 Bihar Rs 1,00,000
5 Chhattisgarh Rs 50,000
6 Delhi Rs 1,00.000
7 Goa Rs 50,000
8 Gujarat Rs 50,000
9 Haryana Rs 50,000
10 Himachal Pradesh Rs 50,000
11 Jammu and Kashmir Rs 50,000
12 Jharkhand Rs 1,00.000
13 Karnataka Rs 50,000
14 Kerala Rs 50,000
15 Madhya Pradesh Rs 50,000
16 Maharashtra Rs 1,00.000
17 Manipur Rs 50,000
18 Meghalaya Rs 50,000
19 Mizoram Rs 50,000
20 Nagaland Rs 50,000
21 Odisha Rs 50,000
22 Puducherry Rs 50,000
23 Punjab Rs 1,00.000
24 Rajasthan Rs 1,00.000 (Rs 2,00,000 in case of intra-city movement)
25 Sikkim Rs 50,000
26 Tamil Nadu Rs 1,00.000
27 Telangana Rs 50,000
28 Tripura Rs 50,000
29 Uttar Pradesh Rs 50,000
30 Uttarakhand Rs 50,000
31 West Bengal Rs 1,00.000


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