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DGGI's Victorious Battle Against GST Evasion in India

The Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI), India's premier Intelligence and Investigating Agency for GST tax evasion, has made significant strides in curbing duty evasion and fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) claims in the country. In the current financial year, DGGI has successfully detected GST evasion amounting to a staggering ₹1.36 lakh crores, with voluntary payments of ₹14,108 crores made by the evaders.

Cracking Down on GST Evasion

Online Real Money Gaming

One of the key areas where DGGI has made significant detections is online real money gaming. By utilizing advanced data analysis tools and an extensive intelligence network across the country, DGGI has successfully identified instances of GST evasion in the online gaming sector. This proactive approach has helped DGGI to plug revenue leakage and ensure compliance within the industry.

Reverse Charge Mechanism on Manpower Supply Services

Another sector where DGGI has detected GST evasion is in the payment of GST under the reverse charge mechanism on import of manpower supply services from overseas parent or holding companies. By closely monitoring transactions and leveraging data analytics, DGGI has been able to identify instances of evasion and take appropriate action.

Co-Insurance and Re-Insurance Services

DGGI has also focused on the insurance industry, specifically co-insurance and re-insurance services provided by insurance companies. Through their intelligence-driven approach, DGGI has successfully uncovered cases of clandestine clearances and GST evasion within this sector.

Clandestine Clearances of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products have long been associated with illicit activities, including tax evasion. DGGI's efforts have not been in vain, as they have been able to detect and take action against instances of clandestine clearances of tobacco products. By collaborating with other enforcement agencies, DGGI aims to eradicate these illegal practices and ensure compliance within the tobacco industry.

Cracking Down on Fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) Claims

In addition to tackling GST evasion, DGGI has also taken significant steps to curb fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) claims in the country. Since June 2023, DGGI has been actively identifying and apprehending the masterminds behind these fraudulent activities, disrupting syndicates operating across the country. This focused approach has led to the detection of approximately 1,040 cases involving GST evasion of around ₹14,000 crores. Furthermore, DGGI has successfully arrested 91 fraudsters involved in these fraudulent ITC claims.

Unmasking the Masterminds

DGGI's success in cracking down on fake ITC claims can be attributed to their use of data analysis aided by advanced technical tools. By leveraging these resources, DGGI has been able to identify the masterminds behind the fraudulent schemes and apprehend them. These masterminds often exploit gullible individuals, enticing them with promises of jobs, commissions, bank loans, or other forms of compensation. In some cases, the masterminds even extract KYC documents from unsuspecting individuals to create fake or shell firms without their knowledge.

Special Drive Against Fake ITC Fraudsters

To address the rampant issue of fake ITC claims, DGGI initiated a special drive in November 2020. Since then, the agency has made significant progress in detecting and tackling these fraudulent activities. Over 6,000 cases involving more than ₹57,000 crores of GST evasion have been identified, leading to the arrest of 500 individuals involved in these fraudulent practices. DGGI's relentless efforts in this regard have played a crucial role in plugging revenue leakage and ensuring fair taxation practices.


Through its intelligence network and the utilization of advanced data analytics tools, DGGI has emerged as a formidable force in combating GST evasion and fake ITC claims in India. The agency's proactive approach, coupled with its commitment to apprehending the masterminds behind these fraudulent activities, has yielded impressive results. With each successful detection and arrest, DGGI reinforces its mission to create a fair and transparent tax environment in the country.

By staying vigilant and leveraging technology, DGGI continues to safeguard the integrity of the GST system, ensuring that tax evasion and fraudulent ITC claims are brought to justice.


Frequently Asked Questions

DGGI stands for Directorate General of GST Intelligence. It is an intelligence and investigative agency under the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) responsible for detecting and combating tax evasion related to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The purpose of DGGI's special drive against fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) is to identify and crack down on instances of fraudulent claims of ITC, where businesses illegitimately claim tax credits on fake or non-existent invoices to reduce their tax liability.

DGGI identifies cases of fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) through data analytics, intelligence gathering, risk profiling, audits, and investigations into suspicious transactions, patterns, and behavior of taxpayers.

The Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) is a specialized agency tasked with investigating cases of GST evasion and enforcing compliance with GST laws in India. It plays a crucial role in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting offenders engaged in tax evasion.

GST evasion refers to deliberate actions by taxpayers to avoid or underreport their GST liabilities, thereby depriving the government of tax revenue. It is a significant concern for the Indian government as it undermines the integrity of the GST system, reduces tax revenues, and distorts market competition.


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